About YOGAM Singapore

By uniting Yoga and meditation in one powerful practice, YOGAM offers high-energy processes and a sacred space to awaken the Kundalini energy, the latent potential energy in all human beings. YOGAM offerings help achieve remarkable physical, mental and emotional healing and wellness.

YOGAM Centers worldwide are founded by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, an enlightened master from India, who has emerged as a compelling spiritual force of this millennium. Paramahamsa Nithyananda has created highly successful Yoga and meditation programs that expand the capabilities of the brain, and strongly and safely awaken Kundalini energy in a modern setting.

YOGAM Singapore offers a place that conducive for meditation, yoga and wellness activities, and a space that is energized by the presence and consciousness of a living incarnation.

Following are the various daily and weekly activities that are conducted in YOGAM Singapore …

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Life Bliss Program Level-1

If you haven’t registered yet for the Life Bliss meditation workshop this weekend, the deadline to reserve a spot for yourself is coming up fast.

Here’s what you’ll be missing if you don’t attend the workshop:

This meditation workshop is a direct shortcut to becoming the powerful, authentic version of yourself that is there all along … without wasting years in the trial and error process of “seeking” or searching.  An enlightened master can help you achieve the clarity immediately!

The workshop will span over 3 consecutive mornings, during which Paramahamsa Nithyananda will directly lead you to understand and unleash the 4 powers:

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Inner Awakening


What is Inner Awakening (IA)?

Inner Awakening is a unique and life transforming 21-day yoga and meditation retreat specially designed and conducted by a rare living incarnation Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The program is centered on awakening the ultimate inner potential energy within each of us, the Kundalini energy,

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and making available the innumerable practical benefits in various dimensions of our life like health, wealth,relationships, education, career, etc.

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Benefits of meditation

Benefits of Medita...

The benefits of meditation can be reduced to one word: health. Yes, health! But we must be clear about what we mean by the word ‘health’! Usually, when people ...

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What is meditation

What is Meditati...

With so many common misconceptions ...