Healed By A Touch

Disc prolapse healed by a touch!

A Miraculous Healing:

This is Vanchinathan from Singapore Satsang Center. I am a paticent having back pain (disc prolapse) at L3, L4 and L5. During my Bali Inner Awakening (IA) retreat, the back pain problem reoccured and i was unable to walk. During the Dharshan, other participants doing IA had to support me by carrying on both sides. I was literally carried to the stage for getting Dharshan, i asked Swamiji for healing me from this back problem. Swamiji just touched my back for a few seconds during that time i could feel that pain reducing. After that i was able to walk down the stage without any support. Though my body shape was craky, the pain and my body straighten in 3 – 4 days. The same problem took about 6 months to heal when it happened in 2010, November.

I have captured my authentic experienced into this small video clip. Please spend a couple of minutes to view this.