This two-day program will:

So why is health such a struggle?

We constantly blame our health issues on external circumstances, stress of work, conflict in relationships, accidents or even bad luck! However if we look deeply we will find out that all external circumstances have as their source some aspect of the internal workings of our mind, our body and spirit. It is our thoughts and the actions that arise out of our thoughts that create these health issues, not necessarily immediately, but over a period of time the thoughts and actions erode our immune system and we begin to experience small breakdowns and

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are the precursors of larger breakdowns.

Parahamasa Nithyananda says however that our potentiality as humans is quite to opposite of the current health model we are surrounded by. He says that the average list of diseases that people suffer from, the average life expectancy, the average energy

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bottle to.

levels of the general public are not normal. They may be average but are actually not normal, and what is more, the internal workings that create them can be broken very rapidly.


What is different about this program?

In eN-Health we explore how we can live long healthy lives, how we can literally reverse the ageing process. We practice profound meditations that strip negative energies from our bodies. We discover how our mental set ups contribute to our early ageing and what we can do to increase our healthy life span. The best way to change the internal energies is to strip out old negative energies and replace them with high frequency energies. It has been scientifically proven that courses with Paramahamsa Nithyananda does just this and what does the results show:

  • Brain wave patterns become more meditative
  • Cellular energy increases dramatically
  • Health issues have spontaneous remission in a high percentage of case
  • Allergies are cured
  • Depression disappears
  • Many psychological issues are resolved in anti ageing is noticed

Some eN-Health testimonials:

“Body is very light and active”, N. Madhya Pradesh

“My energy level has increased and I sleep less than I am fresh and active” A, Texas, USA

“Physically feeling stronger and energetic” G., Los Angeles

“Was cured from my allergy to black pepper” R. Mexico