Diabetes Kriya Camp

Diabetes Kriya Camp – 1st April to 21st April
Paramahamsa Nithyananda has unraveled ancient, mystical techniques combining various aspects of Yoga, including breathing techniques, postures, chants etc. for the care and cure of various physical and mental illnesses. These unique offerings by Swamiji, called Nithya Kriyas, have been medically shown to significantly aid people in healing from those disorders.
Recent camps for Diabetes Cure that were organised in various parts of the world, including Toronto and India, showed a remarkable average drop of about 15-20% in sugar levels within 10 days of people practicing the Kriya.

In Singapore, for the first time, we bring to you Nithya Kriya for Diabetes Cure. We are organizing a 21 Days Camp where we will be guiding people through the Kriya. This is a pilot project and has limited slots, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please find details below and register at the earliest if you think this could benefit you or any of your near and dear ones.

Day 1 : Diabetes Kriya Camp and some photos as a slide show.

On April 1st, we launched the first Diabetes Kriya Camp in Singapore with 12 participants, 9 of whom are under medication for diabetes. The camp started off with Swamiji giving blessings to the participants on Nayana Deeksha, where many of the participants got darshan of the Avatar for the first time.

After the registration process, the doctors team took various readings – blood sugar, blood pressure, BMI etc. and got the participants to fill out some medical questionnaires. We then screened Swamiji’s discourse on “Introduction to Nithya Kriyas”, followed by the initiation into the Nithya Kriya for Diabetes Cure.

The participants

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have signed up for practicing this Kriya for the next 21 days continuously and we will be closely monitoring the progress of the participants.