Nithyananda Spurana Program(NSP)/ Life Bliss Program Level 2

Nithyananda Spurana Program(NSP)/ Life Bliss Program

Level 2

Powerful Conscious journey through and beyond of what we call Death. When you realize that you are actually dying and being reborn every moment, all past trauma, guilt and pain simply fall away. Life becomes celebration every moment.

In this program you will, Consciously connect with the experience of dying through 7 intense process. Transform your understanding of Life and Death. Learn to overcome all your fears and insecurities. Let go of guilt and painful memories. Be healed of sleep disorders. Experience the joy of spontaneous living.

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Program Details:

    • Date : SEP 14th, 2012 – SEP 17th, 2012
    • Location : Equatorial Hotel, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
    • Cost & Registration : RM1100/-
  • Contact : /

Kids Memory Camp

Awaken and express the extraordinary dimensions in your child through all areas of growth while retaining the essence of the true Vedic learning System. Activation of right and left brain, chanting, yoga , creativity, quantum memory and many more.

Program Date/Venue Donations
Kids Memory Camp 14 to 17 SeptEquatorial Hotel,
Cameron Highlands,