Nithya Yoga Weight Loss Program

Nithya Yoga Fitness & Weight Loss Program

Have you thought of losing weight by being happy and complete with your body?

Come and experience the authentic Yogic solutions for a permanent life transformation!

Nithya Yoga Fitness & Weight Loss Program is a 21-day process which includes

  •  Nithya Yoga & eN-Fitness Practice: Consciously building the body to experience health and bliss
  • Nithya Kriyas: Powerful Yogic techniques to restore health and burn fats
  •  Science of Completion: Learn to drop your past and rewrite your future
  •  Teamily Support: Discover the power of group energy of like-minded people

To find out more about this 21-day programme, you are cordially invited to an Intro-talk on Wednesday, 15 October, 7.30-9.00 pm @ Yogam Center.

To register, fill up the online form here.